Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Epower Women! Become a Birth Doula

NBI’s "Good Birth Keeper Doula Training" is professional level program that upon completion participants are Certified Doulas.

The next core training "Birth Doula Basics"Feburuary 1, 2nd and 3rd in San Francisco.

"The Good Birth Keeper" doula training program is the most comprehensive and affordable in the greater Bay Area,

This Unique training will serve as a catalyst for you to truly empower the lives of birth-giving women.
The training curriculum directly addressees the practical, professional and profound spiritual aspects of being a doula.

"I am fired up about empowering women to reclaim our birth-giving rights, reclaiming the sacred feminine of childbirth as well as organizing as activist to protect women's rights in the realm of birth. That in a nutshell is what being a righteous doula or even better a good birth keeper is all about." Earth Lande, Founder & Director

For more info call www.naturalbirthinstitute.com or Earth 510.410.5640

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Birth is Big Business

Big Event, Not to be Missed!
Ricki Lake's film " The Business of Being Born"


Gala and Screening Jan. 17th at the Roxie theater
just 2 blocks from
The Natural Birth Institute
NBI & friends will be there in FULL EFFECT so look out for us

To Buy Tickets Go to http://wisewomanchildbirth.blogspot.com

Friday, December 07, 2007

Women We Got This!!

  • Women enjoy being in charge of their bodies & babies.
  • Women of healthy mind & sound spirit know what is best for them.
  • Many women find pregnancy to be an amazing opportunity to tune deeply into their body, & in turn into their baby.

After 10 moons of healthful preparation, patience & purity(or one's best attempt), birth becomes the catalyst for transforming from sacred pregnant vessel to empowered mother.

In Natural birth, mother is free to be guided by baby & divine spirit, to take full advantage of evolution & gravity.
She and baby will benefit greatly from traditional woman centered care & Chiropractic, When she is allowed to birth undisturbed she will do so with a deep sense of purpose.
When all is said & done, her respect for life will be profound, will be a source of great power & deepen her ability to love & be loved....
After all is not this what the conception-breastfeeding continuum is all about?

Warmly, Earth Lande
Transforming How You See Birth

The Heart of Birth

Women enjoy possibilities. Women enjoy choice.
Doulas are possibilities in action.

  • Doulas empower Mothers to not just be aware of choice but to cherish it.
  • The power of choice is long lasting.
  • It is the makings of the internal flame of faith, the foundation of Authentic Motherhood.

Ok, I know that sounds like a lot, but this concept of being an Authentic Mother, human being for that matter, has given me clarity and courage in putting my dreams into motion.

The Natural Birth Institute is ReBirthing in 2008, with a deeper sense of purpose. Transforming how YOU see birth through action, art, workshop, conference, support,activism and of course Love ....

I was recently featured in the California Association of Midwives official quarterly , Fall 2007(www.californiamidwives.org). I was interviewed about the Good Birth Keeper Doula program.
I stressed the need to bring intimacy and privacy into birth by empowering women(pregnant and doulas) with not only choice in theory but choice in action. I also made clear to the reader that Natural Birth is the right of all women not just the one's with access to all the other genres of life where your bank account balance REALLY does warrant what you do and do not have access too.

That is why the certified Good Birth Keeper Doula Program is FREE, YES FREE to all women 18 and under. Please return to my blog to read more about my latest education project with teen mothers and fathers. I taught the first in a series last October 2007 called

The seeds for a bountiful 2008 have been sowed and now ,with you, we meditate, cultivate, demonstrate, do what we need to embrace the transformative power of childbirth.

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